Outbreak Alert 2020: H1N1 on the Prowl Again


H1N1 created havoc in 2009 with 78 deaths in Malaysia. Why it is making a comeback after 10 years? Image of H1N1 virus – source: Wikipedia.

I woke up this morning reading breaking news that 7 years old child in Johore had died due to influenza like illness and this was after she was initially tested negative for H1N1. It was shocking, scary and a tragedy indeed.

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All About Good Parenting Part 1

Read these first:-

It is a slow start for 2016 when it comes to blogging but on the other side of the spectrum, I am making some positive changes this year when it comes to personal health. All weekends and on alternate week days when I am back from office early, I am spending at least an hour or so playing badminton to keep myself in shape.

My badminton partners are the usual suspects – my kids (when means I get to pick the shuttlecock most of the time, be very patience and be gentle with my returns) and my wife (when I can practice my smashes, ha ha). It is just a start but I still sucks on other things like the food I eat and the amount of sleep I get on daily basis but as they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, it is a start for the moment.

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Mixing Cows & Coconuts

coconut religion school education

It does not matter if you are breaking it for fun or for a deep sense of devotion but it is high time we reconsider breaking up coconuts in insane numbers on public roads. Imagine driving your car over this minefield and you will understand why we need to reconsider this. Image: www.demotix.com

God, I am sure, is happy with the breaking of one coconut. It is the substance that counts and not the form.

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Personal 101: A Candid Chat with D, The Genius

D Dave Assassin Creeds Personal Family Chat

(A chat with D who doing the Assassin Creed + Gangsta + Rap Singer impression with winter clothes and seriously I do not know where he picked the style up)

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English 101: Mindef Translation vs Proper English

English Mindef Language

Well, it is rather embarrassing indeed considering English is our second main language since we got the Independence from the British in 1957.

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Childhood Memories: Part 23 – Fast, Clean And Robust School Shoes

childhood bata shoes

(The shoebox was a thing to see – the shoe’s features was akin to a car’s specs back then. Badminton Master 2000 – Image source: http://mohdfitri.blogspot.com/)

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Personal 101: D, The Forgetful

D The Forgetful Children Personal

(Unfortunately, we have one cute, lovable Mr Forgetful right here at home and it is difficult to get angry with this guy. Image source: http://plasmanc.blogspot.com/)

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Word Play 101: The Offensive But Funny FCUK!

language funny words

(Sometimes, in order to “tone” the offensive language down, we use the more acceptable word “screwed” instead. Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eplewis)

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Education 101: Teaching Exciting Maths to Kids

Conrad Wolfram Maths Teaching Mathematics

(Why teaching maths have to be so boring so says Conrad Wolfram who runs the worldwide arm of Wolfram Research, the mathematical lab behind the cutting-edge knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha. Image source: Wikipedia)

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Malaysia 101: Why We Are Lacking Money for Schools?

Classroom School Malaysia Design

(How well we have designed our schools with the right environment that is conducive for better learning? Are we spending taxpayers money on real education that will create doctors, engineers and scientists or wasting it to create religious teachers? Image source: Wikipedia)

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