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In the fight to contain flu virus, many experts argue that washing hand with soap is more effective than using hand sanitizer. This is science and not some hunch by someone. Image source: Newsweek

The 2019-nCoV virus situation as at 11th March 2020: 4,615 dead, 67,003 recovered and 125,865 confirmed cases and is increasing.… Click to read the rest


There has been a huge spike of virus infection in recent days. The 2019-nCoV virus (now known as COVID-19) situation as at 13th February 2020: 1,489 dead, 6,984 recovered and 64,268 confirmed cases. Since 8th February 2020, the number of deaths has increased by another 675 deaths.

Compared to 8th February 2020, the fatality rate as at 13th February 2020 had increased from 2.17%… Click to read the rest


The many ways of communicating using our hands – the Western hand shake and the Indians of putting both palms together and saying vanakkam or namaste. The Japanese would just do without any hands by bowing in deep respect. Image source: Wikipedia

Unfortunately since a hand shake needs the touching of the hands, this unfortunately facilitates the human to human virus transmission.… Click to read the rest


Definition of a pandemic: a pandemic, simply put, is a disease outbreak on a global scale. This is different than an epidemic and a simple disease outbreak. An epidemic is when the infectious disease spreads through many people quickly (definition: True Prepper). The above is the scale used in Singapore – image source: www.straitstimes.comClick to read the rest


The 2019-nCoV virus situation as at 30th January 2020: 171 dead, 143 recovered and 8,236 confirmed cases (the latest statistics – 213 dead and 9,480 confirmed cases).

Compared to 28th January 2020, the fatality rate as at 30th January 2020 had reduced from 2.18% to 2.07% which is good but then again, the recovery rate had also reduced from 1.82%… Click to read the rest

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