Lockdown in Malaysia 2021: Not A Big Surprise, MCO 2.0 Was Highly Expected

MCO COVID19 Lockdown Malaysia 2021

On 11th January 2021, the Prime Minister announced a stricter movement control order (MCO) for 6 states namely Wilayah and Selangor which encompasses ban on inter-state and inter-district. And a day after the MCO was announced and was due to take place, Malaysia recorded the highest number of COVID19 cases at 3,309 cases (on 14th, we set a new record with 3,337 new cases and 15 deaths).… [Click to read the rest] “Lockdown in Malaysia 2021: Not A Big Surprise, MCO 2.0 Was Highly Expected”

Health 101: Early Morning Easy Yoga Routines

Yoga health India Asanas

It is said that yoga is about 10,000 years old and it is more than the boundary of modern yoga as we know it now. Yoga is about the way we think, do and interact with others positively. Image source: Elly Fairytale from Pexels

[Click to read the rest] “Health 101: Early Morning Easy Yoga Routines”

Our Boring Routine in Kabul (Day 10)

(Day 10 in Kabul)

We are in our usual routine now – wake up early, work non stop and leave from office to hotel in wee hours.

Too tired to do any other things other than take a quick shower and hit the bed. Having a morning traffic jam due to an accident is welcome change to our otherwise a very boring journey from the hotel to our office.… [Click to read the rest] “Our Boring Routine in Kabul (Day 10)”

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