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Outbreak 2020: Possible Virus Surge in Pakistan from Tablighi Jamaat Gathering

Tablighi Jamaat

By the way, today is the first time since the lock down started & the 2nd wave from Tablighi Jamaat’s gathering in Malaysia, the active cases have started to reduce. Kudos to the highly dedicated medical team, all the front liners and ordinary Malaysians who despite the many hardships had observed the stay at home order.

There was 236 recovery cases as compared to new infection of 131 cases making for the first time, the number of active cases to reduce from 2,596 to 2,490 cases. It is a small improvement but it is in the right path – hopefully that this will continue to flatten and on a reducing trend. Graph source: Outbreak.MY

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The fallout from the tabligh gathering in New Delhi continues with the Tablighi Jamaat’s gathering in Lahore which sees the Pakistani Government now frantically locking up the participants and searching for other participants before a major outbreak of coronavirus happens in Pakistan:-

Pakistan has quarantined 20,000 worshippers and is still searching for tens of thousands more who attended an Islamic gathering in Lahore last month despite the worsening coronavirus pandemic, officials said Sunday.

Authorities said they want to test or quarantine those who congregated at the event held by the Tablighi Jamaat – an Islamic missionary movement – between March 10-12 over fears they are now spreading Covid-19 across Pakistan and overseas.

More than 100,000 people went to the meeting, organisers said, undeterred by government requests for it to be cancelled as the virus hit the country.

At least 154 worshippers who went to last month’s Jamaat had tested positive for coronavirus, with two fatalities, authorities told AFP. Coronavirus has killed at least 45 people in Pakistan but with only limited testing available, observers worry the number is far higher.


As at todate, the number of infections in Pakistan is 3,277 cases with 50 deaths and 257 recovered cases. Malaysia on the other hand, has 3,793 positive cases with 62 deaths and 1,241 recovered cases.

And there is a greater concern that given the vast population and lack of readiness of the medical facilities in Pakistan, it will be difficult for the health authorities to contain the infection from spreading:-

For Prof Akram, implementing preventative measures in Pakistan is crucial, as he says “curative care is not an option”. Given that richer countries such as Italy had struggled to cope with the outbreak, the more “primitive” health facilities in Pakistan would be quickly overwhelmed, he said.

Outlining the challenges faced by health professionals in the country, one of the seven confirmed deaths of coronavirus patients in Pakistan so far was that of a young medic. Dr Usama Riaz, 26, was working in northern Gilgit-Baltistan, screening pilgrims returning from Iran, when he contracted the disease and died.

Medical professionals have criticised the lack of protective clothing provided to frontline staff. One of Dr Riaz’s colleagues told the BBC they had now been provided with full protective suits, but he was concerned other doctors elsewhere had not.


On the net, there is a clear sense of anger, shock and disbelief on how the organisers of these gatherings have been so careless, ignorant and ended up as the super spreader in their respective countries.

One like David Wood certainly did not mince his words and his sheer shock & disbelief on how this one organiser from India, Tablighi Jamaat had become a super spreader of the coronavirus in Malaysia, India and dozen other countries around the world despite the many, many warnings given on coronavirus. For those who may not familiar with David Wood, he is an American evangelical missionary known for his critique of Islam. He had participated in numerous public debates with other well-known Muslims debaters and atheists and has a Youtube channel presenting his views on religion.

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tablighi jamaat

So it was interesting to watch on his latest video on the recent case of Tablighi Jamaat’s gatherings and the surge of coronavirus cases. He practically nailed the point on these people being so reckless, having total disregard to public safety & health and had caused so many people mainly other Muslims to be infected with coronavirus. Many of them had also died. Infographic: News18.

Even other Muslims don’t agree with the actions of Tablighi Jamaat:-

Around 20% of Covid-19 cases in India have been traced to the Tablighi Jamaat’s March 13-15 gathering in Delhi.

The organisers have since been booked for criminal negligence. It was clearly an unpardonable act to hold such a large gathering despite the risk of the deadly coronavirus. Government directives on social distancing were ignored. It was highly irresponsible and apathetic of the Jamaat leaders to have subjected so many to danger.

The Tablighi Jamaat does not represent all of India’s Muslims, who comprise 15% of the population. Just as violence by followers of a certain ashram or a certain dera cannot be termed “violence by Hindus”, the Jamaat event cannot be called “Corona Jehad” being carried out by Muslims. Such allegations are clearly driven by hate and bigotry.

If anything, the Tablighi Jamaat holding a large meeting in present times signifies the appalling crisis of leadership in the Muslim community.

At a time when ordinary Muslims are struggling with the threat of coronavirus coupled with harsh economic realities, the aftermath of Delhi riots and political realities such as the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Tablighi Jamaat is merrily fiddling away with a gathering to spread religion.

The Tablighi Jamaat and similar religious organisations need to understand that Indian Muslims can do with a lesser dose of religion. Why can’t they see that Muslims, like all fellow Indians, need education and jobs?

In times of coronavirus, Muslims need to follow social distancing like everybody else. They need health safety tips and doctors. Religious organisations must make themselves useful in the fight against coronavirus rather than hold proselytising sermons.


Religion aside – it is time for common sense to prevail especially when people’s life is at stake and strict precautions must be taken to stop the wider spread of the virus.

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