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Flavors indeed!

(A film review)

I was watching the movie “Flavors” at Astro couple of days ago and I must say that it was a refreshing Indian Movie. Made entirely outside India, it was a story of Indian staying and working in US and showing different but inter-related sub stories.

There are basically 4 sub-stories:-

1. About Kartik & Rachna (played by the lovely Pooja Kumar – see picture)

They are 2 good friends who I suspect unknowingly attracted to each other (my suspicious turn out right when in the end, Kartik proposes to Rachna). Kartik is one charming guy, with plenty of jokes and catchy words. Rachna on the other hand, is a bit defensive but looks lovely.

2. About Rad & Jenni & Rad’s Parents

Rad (an Indian) is getting married to Jenni (a Mat Salleh). Rad’s parents fly down to US for the marriage and immediately Rad’s Mom starts to “indianise” Jenni who luckily takes it well. Rad’s Dad on the other just enjoying himself in America.

3. About Candy, Vivek, Ashok and Jas

Vivek, Ashok and Jas are unemployed software engineers who are just waiting for job offers. Vivek is missing his sweetheart, Gita in India and keep talking about her. Candy is their house mate who helps the guys here and there.

4. About Sangita & Nikhil

Nikhil is a software engineer who just got married to Sangita who is from India but loses his job when the company downsizes. He of course have no heart to tell Sangita about this (takut saham jatuh lah) and so he leaves home as if he is leaving for work and spends rest of the day looking for work. Sangita on the hand just sits in the house the whole day, misses her husband and is getting bored

In the end, all the characters will meet at Rad & Jenni’s wedding (long story on how they meet but clever one) and the movie ends with Kartik proposing to Rachna.

The best thing about the directors of the movie is that they are full time software consultants and it was not surprising that the key characters in the movie are involved in the software industry. Smart! The English was almost flawless and the clever jokes between the lines. Luckily there is no “sing in the taman bunga” stuff here but they have Colonial Cousin’s songs as the background music.

Happy viewing!

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