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Supernatural 101: Close Encounter With A Spirit In My Old Office

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(I am pretty sure that everyone would have seen or heard stories of a ghost or a spirit from another side of the supernatural world – Poster source: Pinterest)

The below “kisah benar” is in conjunction with Halloween Celebrations due on 31st October 2005 (even though we don’t celebrate one but I have a supernatural story to tell and it is best to connect with Halloween)

I am sure everyone has a supernatural story to tell either through direct or indirect experience. I have a number of supernatural stories to tell from my previous workplace, an old building originally built as a hotel but later was converted into an office building.

Although I got to know some supernatural incidents when I joined the company but was not directly affected as I was working at what I would call it as “safe floors”. The notorious floors were at X floor, Y floor and Z floor. For years, there no tenants at Z floor and even if there was one, they did not stay long (for obvious reasons) and so basically that floor was left undisturbed for years.

My first experience with the supernatural was when the building owner decided to renovate the building by relocating the lifts and toilets. I was early to work, as usual, the one to open the door to my department, spend the morning with a cup of tea and newspaper.

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I decided to go to the newly relocated toilet and after I had finished with my “small job”, I opened the main toilet door (the door opens towards me) and I could not pull the door. It was as if there was someone holding the door on the other end. Thinking that it must my colleague who was playing a trick on me, I shouted “Woi, jangan main-main lah”.

Immediately I felt as if someone let go of the handle and when I opened the door, there was no one around. I checked and realized there was, in fact, no one on the entire floor. It was creepy but I did not think twice about it since I thought maybe it was because I did not pull the door hard enough.

A couple of days later, I was at the toilet again (completely forgetting the earlier incident), washing my face at the basin when I felt someone was behind me. I turned and there was no one. However, I saw something that I clearly remember to this day. I saw a shadow moving and I know it could not be my shadow as firstly, the light was in front of me (means my shadow should be behind me) and secondly (more importantly) I did not move but the shadow did.

That was it!

For the next 3 days, I was on medical leave, down with high fever. I guess I was quite shaken up with the “incident”. When I told my friend about it, he told me that he had experienced it several times already. He somehow managed to get used to such incidents. He jokingly said “Everyone also must use the loo mah”

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In my 9 years working in the building, I have experienced and see supernatural things but the “other kind” have not disturbed me directly. Yes, the supernatural has shown its presence and many people have seen the same especially when we were relocated to Z floor for a month period while waiting for the completion of renovation at our respective floors.

Then these few supernatural incidents started to happen.

Encounter 1: One of boss seeing one of the staff who had died in the same building several days before (the staff died of a sudden heart attack in guess what…the newly relocated toilet!). According to the boss, the staff looked pale and unresponsive when the boss asked “Lambat kerja?”

Encounter 2: I saw a man going to the toilet at the Z floor but when I got nearer, I noticed that the door leading to the toilet was locked with a big padlock on the outside. So, how did the man went in?

Encounter 3: Someone who looked like my division boss on the Z floor telling all staff not to stay late and that everyone must leave by 6.30 pm. The best part was, the same boss was away on a branch visit in Kota Bahru on the same date and time.

Encounter 4: When some of the staff ignored and stayed on till 7.30 pm, the main door was shut and opened several times on its own, prompting a panic run of the remaining staff to leave the floor

Encounter 5: Sound of table drawers being opened & closed and pages of paper being flipped loudly especially in the night when there is no one else around (this was on one of the “safe” floors). We jokingly call it as the “night shift staff”

Encounter 6: A new manager who was working late saw a lady working several tables away at about 9.00 pm. When the manager came out from her cubicle to talk to a lady, the lady had vanished. Checking later indicated that the lady resembled an admin staff that had died in an accident after she left the office several years ago and this new manager has not seen the admin staff before.

Encounter 7: My close friend saw a beautiful lady in the lift one early morning, greeted the lady and smiled. Halfway in the lift, he smelt something bad in the lift, he turned around and the lady had vanished. My friend was on MC for a week after that and till this day, is still not brave enough to take the lift alone.

All the above encounter with supernatural may sound like a great story, one made up but I have seen and heard enough things to not to disregard my own experience as mere impossible. Supernatural yes it is possible but to ignore it as just a trick of the mind, is not that simple to agree. Don’t you think?

Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya!

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