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Changing Clothes Again

Update: The new template is great but there are some bugs to the code and as Yvy mentioned in the comments, the side bar need to be trimmed. So, the old template is back until I have the time to check the codes and change the background picture.
There comes a time when you open your blog early in the morning, stare at the screen for 5 minutes and then tell yourself “Man, this blog template is getting boring”. You look at it couple of times, just to be sure and find the blog is not changing for better. You do what anyone with itchy hands would do…you change the blog template.

There you go – my simple explanation on my new blog template. I was at Caz this morning and one template caught my eyes. It was with my favorite color, blue and a non-xxx rated picture (there was another template I liked better but it had a picture of a guy holding a girl’s bare backside – cool. Probably I will use that someday). So, since I was in the office very early, I managed to find time to change the template, tweak here and there and presto, my blog have changed clothes – for the 7th time since I started blogging. Yes, the itch is gone for now.

Compared to the previous template, the sidebar at the permalink is working correctly now (the only defect of the previous but otherwise superb template)
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