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Attack of the TV Serials

(Day 8 in Dubai)

After I almost managed to “extinguish” them back in Malaysia, the Tamil TV Serials is coming a comeback in a huge way in Sharjah.

Almost on the first day we arrived in Sharjah from Dubai, we almost immediately checked the channels on our TV. There were almost 7 channels of TV Serials from the various part of India and there was no English channel (there was 3 other Arabic channels though). Then strange things started to happen. With no other channels for me to turn to, I started to get hooked to the Tamil Serials. This was crazy but luckily I managed to snap out from the Serial’s “hypnotism”. I slapped myself on the face several times and to be sure, even pinch hard on my wrist. This was getting weird. It was a nightmare.

However, TV Serials have not won the battle yet – for we got busy with work and started to work late and return to the hotel late. Sometimes we take our dinners late and by the time we reach the hotel, we take a quick shower and hit the bed, dozing off within minutes.

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