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Politics 101: PAS for All, Sincere Or Fake?


(“PAS for all” slogan and coming from a political that bent of its the style of religion could just be another red-herring to fish for votes from the Non-Muslims who in the past seems as the bogeyman for the Muslims. Image source:

It is no secret that out of the Pakatan Rakyat members, PKR is having a tougher time dealing with its politicians.

DAP and PAS may have their own problems but at least, compared to PKR, it is nothing major. In fact, at times, it does look like they are continuing to strengthen the party.

PAS has recently issued this statement, which I think leans more to the concept of 1Malaysia than Najib’s recent act of going to Batu Caves:-

PAS has set itself a five-year target to fully open its doors to members of all races and religions so long as they are Malaysians and are determined to champion the party’s Islamic cause.

“What is going to happen in April is just a launch to make it known that our Club has been upgraded to a full-fledged Congress and if all goes well, in five years’ time, the non-Muslim wing can be fully assimilated into the party proper.”

“The politics of communalism and racism are not only outdated but they are wrong in principle and against the teachings of Islam,” said Mujahid.

(Source: Harakah Daily)

This is good that PAS is opening to membership to all races and religion which is also in line with DAP and PKR’s existing stand of allowing members from all races and religion as its members.

Ultimately when PAS, PKR and DAP are assimilated into one entity known as Pakatan Rakyat – it will be represented by multi-cultured members representing all aspects of Malaysia.

BN on the other hand whilst one represents a multi-culture membership but individual political parties within BN are still communal and race basis.

Of course one hopes that such statements are not issued for the sake of getting more voters (especially when rumours of a snap election in Perak soon) but that PAS will follow up and make the multi-racial membership a reality.

Another wish when it comes to PAS’ proposal is that the party’s Islamic cause is well defined (calling for the ban of beers and foreign artist concerts is such policies that need to be revisited) and does not infringe other religions’ rights.

Anyway, the statement is a welcome change to the trouble that Pakatan Rakyat has been having lately.

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