RIP SP Balasubrahmanyam: 1946 – 2020

SP Balasubrahmanyam SP Bala 1980s Illayarajaa

The legend SP Bala with the Maestro Illayarajaa and both have made some of the best classic, ever-green songs that is still popular in this millennium – the voice of my many favourite Tamil songs has passed away today. Image source: The Hindu

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RIP Maestro MS Viswanathan: 1928 – 2015

Viswanathan RIP Death Maestro

(Before AR Rahman and Illayaraja, there was only one great musician and that was MS Viswanathan. Image source)

CHENNAI: Legendary music composer and singer MS Viswanathan (MSV), who had been critically ill for the past few days, passed away at a private hospital in Chennai in the early hours of Tuesday.… [Click to read the rest] “RIP Maestro MS Viswanathan: 1928 – 2015”

Tamil Song 101: Kamal’s Ponmaanai Theduthey Classic

kamal haasan music song tamil

(The many faces of the great man in multiple roles all these years and he still making headlines even now. Image source:

In terms of acting, after the great Sivaji Ganesan, we were lucky to have Kamal Haasan taking up the lead when it comes to powerful acting. And over the years, he has not let us down with powerful storyline and acting (still remember this?).… [Click to read the rest] “Tamil Song 101: Kamal’s Ponmaanai Theduthey Classic”

Indian Cinema 101: Seeing Double Roles On Screen

sivaji ganesan double indian tamil movie

(Seeing Sivaji Ganesan in action is one thing but seeing the two of them could be a double whammy. Both interacted well on screen but still, there are some limitations as to how both characters blended in on-screen. Image source: Business Line)

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Indian Cinema 101: Those Tamil Movies That I Really Hate!

tamil movies

Tamil movies – there are some that truly get on my nerve. Don’t get me wrong – the acting is a first-class like how Sivaji Ganesan acted in Vietnam Veedu.

Couple days ago, Astro showed one old movie starring Sivaji Ganesan and whilst I admit that he is a great actor, the movie itself was a big pain in the neck (there are many similar Tamil movies sharing the similar storyline).… [Click to read the rest] “Indian Cinema 101: Those Tamil Movies That I Really Hate!”

TV Shows 101: Loveable Little House on the Prairie

I don’t why but somehow I been thinking about this show titled “Little House of the Prairie” –shown back in the 80’s in our local TV lately (others that has been in my mind is those old movies starring MGR and Sivaji Ganesan). Perhaps I am just weary of my schedule for shifting to the new house or perhaps of the fact that the actress Padmini has just passed away – maybe.… [Click to read the rest] “TV Shows 101: Loveable Little House on the Prairie”

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