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Technology 101: “New” handphone for my wife

Ok ok…so, I did not buy a brand new hand phone for my wife.Yes, I am guilty of it. I will buy for her new one…one of these days. My wife’s old handphone has been giving problems lately and I knew that I need to change the parts or better, buy for her brand new handphone.

But you see, the handphone shops these days do not really have the “budget range” phones. At the minimum, it will cost me RM400 for a new handphone.

Just when I am thinking of a new one, my cousin came to the rescue. He was our family “technical” guy (sort of) and I asked him to have a look. He diagnosed the problem as a “battery problem” and proposes to get me RM20 battery. No guarantees of course (he has bought 5 of it and none worked). I told it is too dangerous.

The next step was to trade in. He took a 2nd look at my wife’s phone and said that it can fetch about RM100 if to trade in. That is when I saw his 2nd handphone tucked in his pants. The model is older than my wife’s old phone but looked better with gold metal casing. I asked whether that phone was for sale or not. He said ok since his dad had bought him a brand new Motorola.

The price = RM200 minus trade in price of RM100 = RM100. I have paid him RM50 for now and the balance after “evaluation” period (which I have yet to determine for how long)

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* The old phone under “surgery” by Dr “cousin” – seems like nothing can be done for now

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* The “new” one on the left, the old one on the right

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