Africa: Live Aid – Do you really to need to have one?


Interesting discussion at Rajan and I agree with Rajan that the Africans need to help themselves to overcome poverty but NOT until you have people like Swazi king, Mswati II (picture source: BBC News) who actually make his people poorer by living on foreign aid and lavish spending.

About a quarter of Swaziland’s one million people risk starvation from the famine sweeping drought-hit southern Africa. Nearly half of the country’s adults are thought to be infected with the virus that causes Aids, further weakening the economy of Swaziland. He already has one fiancee and 10 wives.

More details about the “king” here.

Will part of Live Aid be helping Swazi King to maintain his way of life? I have a strange feeling that it will.

Food in Ghana, West Africa

Whilst most of us think that African lives only on maze and corn (well I did once – watching too much of National Geography), you will be surprised how common some of the foods are in Ghana with Malaysia. When I was there for an assignment last year, we were living mostly of nasi goreng (“fried rice”), Chinese noodles and Indian tandori chicken.

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Buffet lunch at the work place – finger licking good! Fried rice and salad is a must in every buffet

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The fast food in Accra – Nandos, Pizza Inn and Chicken Inn – fried chicken, pizza and burger (3 main course for daily food intake)

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Tapau food – fried rice & fried chicken or fish & chips in very very large portions (sufficient for 3 people to eat). Each tapau cost about RM15.00

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Lobster and plain rice with one of the local beers (beer + apple juice = very tasty) – about RM50.00

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Ingredients for a small snack at the hotel room

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Food for 10 people = GHC877,000 = RM376.00! (way too expensive)