London Bombing Barbaric and Coward Act…but is it?

Don’t mind that this is just another blog about the latest act of terrorism in London

However sadly, the focus is tuned on the “act” itself rather than the cause of the act. Didn’t Londoners knew that when UK decided to join “Sheriff Bush” in his quest in the Middle East, they going to be affected?

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Big Problems Along The Highway

Something on the lighter side…

Problem: If you see a tire rolling across the highway
Big Problem: The tire is actually from your car!

Problem: If you see a bus driver driving way over the speed limit whilst talking on his handphone and having his lunch all at the same time
Big Problem: If you are one of the passengers in the bus

Problem: If you see a speed demon right behind a slower moving car
Big Problem: If you are the driver of the slower moving car

Problem: If at the R&R, you have nothing to eat except for a suspicious looking nasi goreng but you eat it anyway as you are very hungry
Big Problem: If your suspicious turned out to be correct, the nasi goreng has actually turned stale and your stomach kicks into “overdrive”

Problem: If a very beautiful girl hitchhiked your car but she is not alone.… [Click to read the rest] “Big Problems Along The Highway”

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