War of the Worlds 2005 – Disappointed for the Wrong Reasons 0 (0)

world of the worlds

War of the worlds is a classic story by H.G. Wells (mind you, it came out in 1898!) but how much difference that Steven Spielberg can make in 2005? That was the thought running through my mind when I saw the movie showing at my local theatre. Image source: Movieclips.com

After hearing about the movie and seeing that it got an “A” rating in The Star, me and my wife set aside our Sunday to see the movie. We arrived early and unexpectedly the crowd was thin – perhaps War of the Worlds was not everyone’s cup of tea, so we had the luxury of picking our seats. With 2 hours to spare, we made to Starbuck for our cappuccinos and my wife was asking about the movie, as it was my idea to see it in the first place.

When the time came, we promptly went into the cinema and what an opening it was!

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Makeup for men 0 (0)

I went to Tesco last week and my wife stopped to buy facial cream. I was glancing through the products and surprisingly there are more grooming products for men now compared to 10 years ago.

How things have changed. I still remember of the time when I was still riding motorbike to work, I actually had 2 types of facial wash (one is a backup lor) in my bag.

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