Happy Birthday BJ Thoughts

Gosh, time sure fly fast and I have completely forgotten about this until someone highlighted to me.

My complimentary drink upon my arrival in the hotel in Bangkok – a celebration sort of

BJ Thoughts have turned 1 last week (ya, I missed it by a big margin) and what a year it has been. Totaling 249-posts to date, I dare say that it has been a very productive 1st year for the blog. Starting from Blogger on 12th May 2005 to now current home at WordPress, the blogging has been a learning path for me – both in improving writing and html coding.

It’s funny how things have turned since the 1st post. This is what I said in my first blog post, a year ago:-

It has been some time since I wanted to do this…start a blog of my own and here am I doing just that.

I know I am getting into a very big trouble with my wife when I signed on for my own blog. This means more time to write and sit in front on my home PC and less time to baby-sit my 1 year old son. It is even lesser time for my wife.

I always been fascinated on how technology is changing our environment and I are even more fascinated of the some of the blog-loggers who can update their blog almost everyday. Damn, where do these people get the funny, witty and interesting contents for the blog? A scarier thought, now that I have heroically signed on a blog, what I am doing to do next? What will I write? I know that soon I will overcome my writer’s mental block to start blogging.

I know I love to write which unfortunately leads to my colleague complaining that my “short” emails to them looks like the 19th Century Study of World History Thesis (here I go again). It supposes to be short and sweet but always ends up “long, winded and trip to Siberia and back”. I hope it won’t happen on this project!

After a year of blogging, I dare say that blogging did not get me in trouble with my wife but somehow helped us to communicate whenever I am posted overseas. I did have the normal mental block sometimes but it has not discouraged me from continuing to blog. After all, there is always something that Malaysian politics can give for a topic for the blog

So, here’s to another year for BJ Thoughts!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BJ Thoughts

  1. Happy birthday & thanks for the good reads. Yes, Malaysian politics is one big comedy – plenty to write about if ever you are stumped. Thanks again.

  2. Visithra – you are back? Thanks, will be waiting for the photos from your trip

    Kate – You are right, where will some of us be in the blogging without the malaysian politicians

    KY – 500 post? Yes, that should not be a problem, hehe…thanks

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