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My project at work is going through its crucial phase and the stress is getting out of control. Not to mention the daily stressful commute between home, workplace and client’s place. Having the day off on Sundays is simply not enough to re-energize myself.

Yesterday was another day where I had to make a trip to KL centre and had an aggressive but engaging discussion with client. Then it was a rush back from KL to office (somehow missing the crazy rush hours by the minutes) and then joined in another discussion at the office.

It was late when I left the office and thinking that the roads should be clear, tiredly made my way to home. When I reached the toll plaza, I realised that the roads was not clear as I thought. There was a traffic jam despite the late hours and as I wade through the traffic jam, I found what was causing it – one broken down car and multiple instances of queue jumpers.

As I was driving back, I was thinking that life is too short to be spending on traffic jams and work. I wished that I could retire and go away far from the hustle bustle of the city life. The tiredness was unbearable. The last thought in my mind as I was reaching home was to take a quick dinner, shower and go to sleep early.

But when I reached the main gate of my house, my wife came out and informed me that she needs to go to the clinic. Instead going into the house and take a rest first, I decided to take her straight to the clinic. Might as well do this task in one go and then go back home for the night for good.

With my wife in the car, I reversed the car and drove towards the clinic. My wife suddenly asked me “Are you tired?”

Ha ha, what a question! I replied no and continued with the journey. There must be a better day for me to take a good rest and recover.

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