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Mumbai Massacre: Stories of Heroes

(Taj under seize! Image source: Financial Times)

Read this and tell me you are not impressive with the kind of sacrifices that people do to protect others under their care:-

Prashant Mangeshikar could be dead, one of more than a hundred victims of militant attacks across Mumbai landmarks, if it had not been for an employee at the Taj Mahal Hotel.

Mangeshikar, his wife and daughter were in the foyer of the 105-year-old hotel on Wednesday night when Islamist gunmen opened indiscriminate fire in one of a series of coordinated attacks in India’s financial capital. Recovering from the initial shock and chaos, hotel staff shepherded the guests, including the Mangeshikar family, through the service section upstairs — only suddenly to come face to face with one of the gunmen.

“He looked young and did not speak to us. He just fired. We were in sort of a single file,” Mangeshikar, a 52-year-old gynaecologist, told Reuters. “The man in front of my wife shielded us. He was a maintenance section staff. He took the bullets.”

Within seconds after Mangeshikar’s family was saved from the bullets, the guests made a dash for the hotel rooms to hide. Mangeshikar and a few others dragged the wounded hotel employee identified only as “Mr. Rajan” into one of the rooms.

“His intestine was a lump hanging from a gaping hole in his abdomen,” he said. “The bullet had entered him from close to the spine.”

For the next 12 hours, Mangeshikar and other guests surrounded the wounded man trying to push back his intestines with bed sheets and stop the bleeding. He was finally evacuated, but it was not known if he survived.

“The hotel staffs have been very, very brave,” Mangeshikar said. “Hats off to them.”

Mangeshikar said that, but for the courage of Mr. Rajan, his wife and daughter could have been dead. “I’m going out today to the hospital to find out what happened to him,” he said.

“I owe it to that brave man.”

Such stories bring tears…we salute the heroes of the Mumbai massacres.

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