Health 101: Celebrating World Rabies Day

rabies health stray dogs cats

(How rabies spreads and what are the possible treatment – Image source: The Star)

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Personal 101: Tired Feel Like Steamrolled

steam roller tired

(Feel like you have been steamrolled over and over again? Ya, we go through at one point of our life, don’t we? Image source: Youtube)

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Tech News 101: Rebooting the Internet Under Attack

internet reboot smartcard

(The smart cards that are going to be a lifeline when the internet comes down and needs someone to reboot it back to normal. Image source: The Guardian)

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Trip to Amazing Chennai 2010: The Conclusion & Goodbyes

chennai airport trip

(The Chennai International Airport’s departure area – brightly lighted and well furnished but the crowd can still give you a headache. Sorry, no photos of the secured areas – the officers looked too menacing and strict)

I kind of have forgotten to do the conclusion for this post, so here is it…

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Protected: Personal 101: Taking Office Email Response Positively

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Highway 101: Stubborn of the Stubborn

Some still don’t get it, don’t they?

Let’s recap something that was highlighted way before the holidays:-

Traffic offenders will no longer be given discounts on police summons fines beginning from Monday.

According to an internal directive issued to all traffic police divisions today, traffic offenders will have to pay the compound fines according to the computer generated summonses and appeals for discounts or waivers will no longer be entertained.

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Malaysia 101: Making of United, Strong Bangsa Malaysia

malaysia bangsa national

(Bangsa Malaysia also means a nation of people who speak in one voice. Whilst we are so against racism in Malaysia, obviously, we are not angels ourselves and thus the need for one united people is even critical now. Image source: Mob’s Crib)

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Driving Skills 101: Constant Parking Paranoia Crisis

Parking car lot driving

With more people having cars and too many selfish idiots who don’t think of others, getting the right parking spot is fast becoming more crucial too. Photo by Stephan Müller from Pexels

Call me paranoid but the last thing I want to do is to park my car somewhere far from the restaurant where I am having my dinner.

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National Security 101: The Mysterious SPAM SMS

SPAM SMS Mobile Phone Message

(Tackling SPAM SMS on mobile phones is much tougher than tackling them on normal emails as it is not clear who actually sending it. Image source: Business Insider)

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