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Silly Facebook Reader Comments Part 1


It is known fact, all around the world, in all languages, there are Facebook posts readers who comment based on the headlines alone. Probably because they don’t have the time to read the whole the posts or click on the link or the headline itself is clear enough to comment. Even I have been guilty of this on many occasions.

Then there is another level to Facebook post commenting – where the readers have read & understood the post and yet they make comments that sound silly, dumb, ignorance of facts or at times, comments that has no relation to the original post.

Considering that there are plenty of such comments, a compilation of these comments & replying to it would be interesting indeed. Why say no to free comedy dished out on daily basis?

The recent decision by India to restrict the import of Malaysian Palm Oil garnered some rather interesting comments in Facebook:-

Not only our resources, but also our export, customers and clients are also diversified. India is not the only customer for our palm oil

(BJ: Which is true but considering that they are the largest customer for our palm oil, the impact on the palm oil sector is going to be greater. Perhaps over time, we can look for other customers who can buy as much as India presently)

Russia already promised to buy the palm oil with exchange program for our jet fighters. What to worry about India?

(BJ: Yes this is a proposal from the Russian but that is to sweeten the offer of new fighter jets to the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Russia as at September 2019 only procured 18,564 tonnes of palm oil as oppose to India who procured 3,908,212 tonnes of palm oil for the same period.

Further there is a concern on the support by the Russians and availability of Russian made only equipments that is installed in the Russian offered jet fighters as oppose to Sukhoi MKM which has more non Russian made critical mission equipments)

Good job PM, no need to afraid of India, we can do the same thing what India do to us…

(BJ: It depends on who export more to who – Malaysia or India.

India consistently maintained a trade deficit with Malaysia since 2010. Deficit reached the highest in 2012 with a value of US$ 6.70 billion. Trade balance between India and Malaysia saw a decline in favour of India from 2014.

India’s total exports to Malaysia amounted to USD5.53 billion in 2017 – its top five exports at HS-6 digit level were medium oils and preparations, frozen, boneless bovine meat, unalloyed- unwrought aluminium, copper cathodes and light oils and preparations.

India’s total import from Malaysia in 2017 was US $ 8.90 billion. India’s import was dominated by crude petroleum oils, crude palm oil, palm oil and its fractions, reception apparatus for television, radio, and wire of refined copper CSD <= 6 mm)

As if we will die if India never buy our palm oil from us, to hell with India

(BJ: India as the biggest purchaser of Malaysian palm oil will not suffer any losses as the Indonesians are more than ready sell their palm oil to the Indians.

The loss is at Malaysian side – yes, we will not die if India don’t buy palm oil from us but couple that with the ban by EU, it will definitely going to hurt us terribly.

We may need to continue to sustain the palm oil planters with emergency funds putting a strain on our limited taxpayers’ money and keep high stockpile of unsold palm oils).

India is not a super power so Malaysia don’t have to be scared of it

(BJ: Probably one of the dumbest comments that I saw – the issue is on trade and we export more to India than India import from Malaysia.

India is an emerging super power both in terms of economy and military. As to the notion of super powers in the region – we must not forget that we are facing multiple intrusion & threat from China. We need an ally like India to counter China in the future.

Forget Pakistan – they are already working hand in hand with China to counter India

Wow, so many readers here are supporting India. Maybe they are ‘patriotic’ Indian nationals

(BJ: Only real patriotic Malaysian will be more concerned on the short term & long term impact of this on the economy of the country. They are more patriotic than those who keep their heads in the ground, ignorance of the impact and distract others with non related issues.

Only patriotic Malaysian will criticise their own leaders who open their mouth at the wrong place, wrong time and which will cause frictions with other countries)

If India does not buy, it is not a big deal – Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh will buy instead

(BJ: India procured 3,908,212 tonnes of palm oil as at September 2019. Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh’s combined procurement is only 1,544,239 tonnes of palm oil for the same period. Not even half of India’s import)

Only effect plantation companies

(BJ: The economy of the country is supported by the various economic sectors in the country – the impact in one sector will definitely impact the economy of the country.

It was estimated palm oil sector alone contributed in RM80 billion / USD19 billion of exports in 2018 and of which RM320 million was revenue to the Government in form of indirect export duties)

Better we divert the palm oil export to another Muslim & developing countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Gulf Countries, Brazil, South Africa are the good options

(BJ: All these countries mentioned are already buying palm oil from Malaysia. The question is do they have the money & the need to buy more palm oil from Malaysia?

The sale of palm oil is done on a willing buyer, willing seller concept. If they can buy more palm oil from Malaysia in the nearest time, good for Malaysia)

P.s. The above Facebook comments are actually the minority. The majority of the comments in Facebook make a lot of sense & thought provoking:-

  • While the government is studying the impact of his speech, ordinary Malaysians will have to bear the consequences.
  • Tun, that’s why, always, mind your speeches be more diplomatic and friendly with other countries and never interfere. Malaysia cannot afford to lose investors
  • Your previous kleptocracy government also you did not settle yet and you go and offend our biggest customer. Recession is around the corner – please finish your job in Malaysia before being a busy body
  • We need India more than India needs us. They are the biggest buyer of our palm oils. You expect Pakistan to purchase the same amount like them in return? Why we need to busy body with their problems when I never heard Modi disturb our rocky relationship with Singapore?
  • Funny – like children make the mistake then see if any solution.

Note: All Facebook comments have been edited for clarity, spelling & grammatical errors but the core meaning remains the same

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