Customer Service 101: KFC, Please Buck Up Your First Level Customer Service!

Customer Service Fast Food KFC

What constitutes good customer service? According to this website, there are 8 rules that need to adhere to if a business wants to provide good customer service with the very first rule being to answer your phone. Infographic source: The Balance

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Malaysia 101: Bold Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz Shoots Down National Recovery Plan

National Recovery Plan Rafidah Aziz COVID19

A couple of weeks ago, the Government announced a 4 phased recovery plan which immediately was heavily criticised by many sectors of the public, businesses and ex-Ministers like Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz as inadequate and lacking a proper strategy in other areas of the economy and national development. Infographic source: Malay Mail

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Blogging 101: News Snippets As At 28 April 2021

snippet professor kamarul zaman yusoff Mahathir Shah Alam Dr M

News snippet – Still remember this so-called Professor Kamarul Zaman who in 2018 was one of three panellists and was criticising and stressing why Dr M should not be a Prime Minister.

It was reported that the Professor wetted himself (which the Professor strongly denies) when Dr M gatecrashed the Shah Alam event and posted on Twitter “I am here guys. Say it to my face.” Well, he is back with wild allegations of veiled religious conversion by using charity. Image source: Malaysiakini.

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National Security 101: Can Anyone Steal Data From Undersea Cables?

undersea cable submarine

A submarine communications cable (or undersea cable) is a cable laid on the sea bed between land-based stations to carry telecommunication signals across stretches of ocean and sea. A large chunk of it passes by the Straits of Malacca which is also one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world these days. Image source: Submarine Cable Map.

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Attitude 101: Avoidable Accidents Happens When No One Gives a Damn

accident facebook pesky motorcyclist

accident facebook pesky motorcyclist

A few days ago, a Facebook page called “DashCam Owners Malaysia” for obvious reasons uploaded an accident video that shows a lady motorcyclist casually crossing several lanes without even looking to her right for the on-coming traffic.

Rightfully and deservingly she was hit by a car causing her to fly and fall in front of the car. See the grab shots from the video – it is clear that she is in great pain after the accident but most of the commentators on Facebook agreed that she well deserved it.

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General Knowledge 101: Between Raw Facts and Twisted Facts

facts facebook Hillary

This just proves that there are too many idiots on social media who do not know the facts when they open their mouth to comment on something. This particular comment in the Facebook post is one such example where one is talking Edmund Hillary who had climbed the Mount Everest and not the politician Hillary Clinton.

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Silly Facebook Reader Comments Part 1


It is known fact, all around the world, in all languages, there are Facebook posts readers who comment based on the headlines alone. Probably because they don’t have the time to read the whole the posts or click on the link or the headline itself is clear enough to comment. Even I have been guilty of this on many occasions.

Then there is another level to Facebook post commenting – where the readers have read & understood the post and yet they make comments that sound silly, dumb, ignorance of facts or at times, comments that has no relation to the original post.

Considering that there are plenty of such comments, a compilation of these comments & replying to it would be interesting indeed. Why say no to free comedy dished out on daily basis?

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World Gone Mad 2014: Being Holier than Holy


(Never let the holier than holy man to do science work. The outcome will very likely to be unscientific. Image source: Facebook)

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Malaysian Economy 101: Kangkung Factor



(Among the many funny things posted on Najib’s statement that the price of kangkung had gone down, this stands in my mind as the funniest bit. I just love Ronald’s face on the second photo – it looks like he had answered too many phone calls asking for McKangkung. Images source: Facebook)

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