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Attitude 101: Avoidable Accidents Happens When No One Gives a Damn

accident facebook pesky motorcyclist

accident facebook pesky motorcyclist

A few days ago, a Facebook page called “DashCam Owners Malaysia” for obvious reasons uploaded an accident video that shows a lady motorcyclist casually crossing several lanes without even looking to her right for the on-coming traffic.

Rightfully and deservingly she was hit by a car causing her to fly and fall in front of the car. See the grab shots from the video – it is clear that she is in great pain after the accident but most of the commentators on Facebook agreed that she well deserved it.

Read these first:-

Day Dreaming Road Users

This is the full video of the accident and observes how some idiots take things for granted:-

Obviously, the rider is in great pain after the accident but don’t you think she rightfully deserves the pain and broken bones if any? Do you think she will be responsible for the damage to the car?

I encounter these kinds of idiots all the time – they would be day-dreaming and often riding or driving in their own little world. They expect others to keep an eye on them instead of the other way around. Just look at the lady in the video. She did not wear her helmet properly – she just put it on without fastening it.

The more frequent ones would be where the motorcyclists will change lanes into your path without any indicators or seeing how close they are to the car. They will just stroll in and we have to slam our brakes instead. And when you horn them, they will either don’t respond back or look at you as if you are the crazy ones.

Day Dreaming Parents

Then there was another case of a tragic accident story that is all too familiar to many of us living in closed residential areas:-

A five-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle in front of his house died when hit by a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in an incident in Kampung Tok Sani, here yesterday.

Seberang Perai Utara police chief ACP Noorzainy Mohd Noor said Mohamad Aqil Aimar Ismail sustained serious injuries and was sent to Seberang Jaya Hospital, but died at about 6.05pm during treatment.

“The incident occurred at about 4.30 pm when a 32 -year -old woman, who was at the wheel of the SUV, was leaving her house, which is near the victim’s house, to go to a madrasah.

“She was turning left to leave her house compound when she heard a loud bang and stopped the vehicle, then got out and found that she had hit the boy. She immediately took the boy, who sustained serious head injury, to the hospital, but he died during treatment,” he said in a statement yesterday. — Bernama


This is a situation that is just too familiar in my residential area where accidents are just waiting to happen because parents don’t give a damn.

In the evenings (or whenever there is no school), kids from the neighbourhood would swarm the children playground, the roads in front of the houses and also the bushes on the opposite. Some of these little demons would choose the shade under my mango tree (the one that my late Dad planted) to play – they will be noisy, playing inches from my car and in the end, dirty the whole place. The worst is when they play with stray cats from the neighbourhood.

It kind of stopped after I complained to their parents and also scolded them directly when they started to group under my mango tree. I may just use a flamethrower the next time; they start to gather in front of my house. I will definitely fry the cat first.

A bulk of them would be playing in the middle of the road and in particular at the corners – a prime blindspot to other road users including me. It is just a tragic accident waiting to happen because they will be so entrenched with their games that they will fail to see any vehicles. Their parents are nowhere to be seen.

Personally, since I know where these kids would play, I would drive very slowly once I have passed by the security checkpoint. You will never know when a kid on a bicycle will rush into your path or some idiot adult jogger will be running towards your car thinking that it is a jogging path.

There was once when I drove over a corner and there were 2 children bicycles right in the middle of the road and no children around. Good thing I was driving slow. Some dumb kids had left their bicycles in the middle of the road to do something else.

I looked around and I saw 2 kids were playing with some toys in front of a house and I correctly guessed that the bicycles in the middle of the road belonged to them. They took back the bicycles but not before getting a good scolding from me (I really did not care if their parents were listening)

What would have happened if other drivers were not alert enough and drove over the bicycles? Even worst, what if the kids were on the bicycles when it happened?

Final Say

The video of the motorcyclist that crossed without any care to the on-going traffic serves as a good example of people who are just selfish and ignorant on the welfare of others. The accident could have easily avoided had the motorcyclist look left and right before crossing the road.

The same goes for the tragic accident where a five-year-old boy got knocked by a car and died. Where are his parents? Why no one is watching over the children when they are outside the house? An innocent life now had gone at a very young age.

This lack of care needs to change to avoid further accidents in the future.

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