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Alternative methods to prevent car theft / car jacking


Had a funny chat with my colleagues, Rosli and Yusof on how to improve the car security (Rosli has just bought a brand new Proton Waja). The idea was to add a weighing machine below the driver seat and one can only start the car if the weight matches the driver’s weight (with a range of plus / minus 5 kg). It was funny but viable idea nonetheless. Worst case scenario – have fire thrower at the side of the car (picture source:
Other alternatives to prevent car jacking or car theft (other than the standard car alarm, immobilizer and sound sensors) are:-

1. Color the car in a totally outrages colors such as bright pink, fluorescent yellow. It will be difficult to “hide” the hijacked the car and it will be easy for the eye-witnesses to identify it
2. Lock the car with huge padlock and cover the windows like those of armored car
3. Remove the steering wheel or tires whenever leaving the car for a long period. It is impossible for the thief to drive away with your car with just 3 wheels
4. Make arrangement to park your car at the local police station. It is the last place where a car thief expects to make his run

5. If you can’t afford high priced car security system like “Cobra Car Alarm”, go for next for best option, buy the “Cobra Car Alarm” sticker. The sticker would make the “would be” thief think twice before hitting on your car.
6. Tag or label your car as “Proton Tiara” (yeah, long shot anyway but who wants one of worst cars around [an assumption])

Of course, the best method is to sell off your car and use public transport

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