Top 5 reasons – Ghana, West Africa

Malaysia and Ghana (in West Africa) gained their independence from the British in the same year, 1957 but Malaysia have somehow leaped Ghana in development by almost 20 years since then.

I was in Ghana last year for almost 5 months and for those who might be traveling there, there are top 5 reasons why it is difficult for Malaysian to stay in Ghana, West Africa

1. There is no 24 hours “kedai mamak” (which means there are no teh tarik and roti canai and most shops closed by 9.00 pm, quite boring!)

2. There are no movie theaters (at least at TGV standard but luckily they have satellite TV stations – similar to our Astro)
3. There is no hypermarket or malls (but have plenty of sundry shops, biggest is 2 storey but sufficient for our daily needs – Maggi Tomato & Panasonic batteries are imported from Malaysia. Ya, Malaysia boleh!)
4. There is an 8 hours difference between Malaysia and Ghana (Tired of getting phone calls from the office at 2.00 am Ghana time – 9.00 am Malaysian time)
5. Cost of living is too high – almost everything is too expensive (a typical nasi goreng biasa cost RM20.00 when it is only RM1.50 at my local mamak stall)

On the brighter side:-

1. They have Proton cars! (Saw a few in Ghana, surprisingly, still in good condition)

2. There are Indian & Chinese restaurants serving very familiar Malaysian dishes (like mee soup, chapatti, chinese tea, etc)
3. The weather is similar to Cameron Highland (no so cooling as it used to be but still more cooling than KL)
4. There are fast food restaurant serving fried chicken, burgers and pizzas (the fried chicken & burgers are actually taste better and in bigger portions in Ghana)
5. People are generally friendly and polite (at least there is no snatch thieves and Malaysian are generally treated as VIPs)

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* As seen from air while approaching Accra, the capital of Ghana. This was after almost 16 hours of flight via Dubai. Very tiring!

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* Makola market area (seen from the building where I was working). You can almost find everything and anything here. Market starts from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm. Interesting view to see if we are not tied with the assignment

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* My good friend, Michael who was also the driver of the 4WD and escort during my stay in Ghana. A very humble guy with one kid and I rate his driving skills at a rating at 11 out of 10.

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* One of the training rooms set for Ghanaians. They have one of the very latest workstations for training purposes but unfortunately some uses it to play solitaire.

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* Malaysia Boleh! Saw at least 7 Proton Wiras. Felt strange of being happy to see a Proton (duh!)

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