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Tamil Movie Review: 7 Groups of Movie Viewers You Will See in Cinema

anniyan vikram movie tamil

Last week, my wife and I were at IOI Mall to see the latest Tamil movie “Anniyan” starring Vikram and directed by Shankar (picture source:

Frankly speaking, I don’t normally watch Tamil movies in cinemas unless it is a really good movie. I rather spend my good RM18.00 (that’s expensive for some) on some sci-fi movies (like Star Wars or the Matrix).

Anniyan, however, was a good movie, with the underlying message on corruption & bribery and the characters were well played on except for the part where the director decided to use elements from the movie “Matrix” for the fighting scene. That left a bitter taste on my tongue

We were there about 2 hours before it starts and guess what? The tickets almost sold out. The Indians are getting high-tech nowadays – they either book online, using an app or do telephone booking. This is quite a big change since I last watched a Tamil movie in the theatre.

The best seat they had was Row M, which I was afraid was almost near to the screen. My wife said that if she is seating right in front of the screen, she is walking out(with me of course).

Luckily Row M was few rows behind the screen, so we had a good view of the movie without straining our necks (and backs).

We had 10 minutes before the movie started and I had a good look at the people around me. Generally, I could size up the movie viewers into 7 general groups.

Group 1 – Young Boys

There was a group of young boys, all wearing baggie pants and carrying helmets. All seemed happy and was impatient to see their hero. Could not hear much of what they were talking but I noted some familiar words like “Ena Macha” (“What Brother”), “Jokana Sakere” (“Superb Girl”), “Cantik macam bunga”, etc.

This brought back old memories when I used to hang out with my friends.

Group 2 – Young Girls

There was a group of young girls, probably coming to the cinema just after college. All giggling away at some handsome hunks (even to some married ones, ahem). All of them have 2 things on their hands – a colourful bag (indicates that they are just after college) and handphones (all busy talking and chatting).

Group 3 – Big Family

A big family of probably 20 people, starting from great-grandmas to a couple of babies came in one same time. They must have chartered a bus for the whole family,

They came in a single row and seated right in front of the screen. Pity them.

Immediately, there was a commotion. The cinema attendant came in and was seen checking their tickets. Guess what, the father had forgot to purchase a ticket for himself (I guess he forgot to count himself when he counting his family members) and conveniently sat at someone else’s seat.

The problem arose when that “someone” had arrived and wanted their place back. Soon enough, the father was chased out and he had to go out of the cinema hall. But later I saw him, sitting one of the empty seats far from the family.

Group 4 – Small Family

A small family like myself – husband, wife and their children. I saw similar others – the parents and their 3 (pretty) teenage daughters.

All looked relaxed and eager to see the movie except for the father who had to double up as their bodyguard, watching left and right (and centre) for any “impropriate” looks from the guys.

The father looked as if he will pounce on anyone who tries to make a “move” at his daughters. He even took some time to sort out the family’s seating arrangements.

The pretty one sits beside old aunty while he sits besides teenage boys. I avoided eye contact with his daughter…err, I mean avoided eye contact with the father (phew)

Group 5 – Love Birds

Love birds who just want a place where they can kill time and with some privacy.

Do I need to explain further?

Funny thing is when I was dating my wife, we were acting exactly like the “love birds” (don’t give a damn as to who is sitting nearby) but now after 2 years into our marriage, we are complaining how these people are acting in public.

Shame, shame puppy shame. Some things certainly change in course of time

Group 6 – The Gangsters

Frankly speaking I don’t see why they have to come to see movies unless they came to look for trouble.

They talk loud; wear only short pants, looked drunk, have handphone ringing all the time and disturbing other people’s girl and then show “gangsterism” when the other guy reacts.

Group 7 – The Professionals

They wear proper clothes (kaki pants, casual shirt) and most of them are wearing spectacles (looks intelligent mah).

Some come with their girl (or wife) but act decently unlike the “love birds”. The 1st thing they do is to switch their hand phone to silent or vibration mode. They keep quiet and wait patiently for the movie to start.

It is the kind of material that parents looks out for when looking for life partner for their daughters. Some take the time to get new ideas for their weblog. Ok ok fine. I was telling you about myself on the last bit.

Enjoy the movie.


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